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Growing up in the heart of the American South with a Persian background, my childhood was a cultural mashup of kebabs and grits, bbq and saffron. As if navigating the intricacies of being both Southern and Iranian wasn't entertaining enough, destiny threw in a plot twist that could rival the best TV scripts.


Enter stage left: my mother's decision to marry my father-in-law. Yes, you read it right, and trust me, it's as bewildering and sidesplitting as it sounds.


My stand-up comedy journey began as a coping mechanism, a way to navigate the hurdles of being the kid with a dual identity in a town where sweet tea was the unofficial nectar of life. From being the "token exotic kid" to explaining Nowruz celebrations to my Southern friends, life threw obstacles at me that became comedic gold.


And then there's the family dynamic - a hilarious mosaic. Holiday gatherings became a cultural exchange program, where my stand-up routine served as the unofficial translator for our unsuspecting relatives.


Imagine Thanksgiving dinners turning into stand-up specials, where I play the role of a cultural ambassador, decoding the mysteries of Persian customs with a punchline. Through laughter, I found a way to bridge the gap between two worlds, using comedy as a universal language.


So, join me on this wild journey as we explore the quirks of Southern living, navigate the intricacies of Persian culture, and find humor in the unexpected union that is my family. It's a comedy of errors, a cultural carnival, and a testament to the fact that life's greatest punchlines often emerge from the most unexpected places.


Grab a front-row seat, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to laugh your way through the quirkiest family saga you've ever encountered.

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