human   i   thank you

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What if everyone realizes that we are all different for a myriad of beautiful reasons? The sooner we can all accept global diversity, the sooner we can realize true humanity.

What if we assume every person we meet is good? I mean good! Like they aren't out to get us! I know there are some evil people in the world. At the same time, I feel that there is so much more good than evil, and if we recognize that as the norm, people can stop preemptively hating each other. 

I am so much more different than you in so many ways. And guess what? So are you! And that is the best part! When we first meet someone, we tend to judge them whether or not they are good for us. 


We can change that thought process to "How can we be good for them?". Start with a smile to a complete stranger. That little action can be the little pebble that disrupts a person's pond of reality. That little change can affect someone in such a positive way that it affects their next action towards themselves and to others. 


"Human, I Thank you" simply means to thank people for the opportunity to spend time with them. Thank them for being as different as you, as a human.